About Us


AIIM (Art of Innovative Instrument Making) is a young enterprise which can rely on the extensive experience of its staff.

The company was founded in 2009 and is based in the picturesque baroque town of Donaueschingen within easy reach of Tuttlingen, a world-class centre of excellence for medical engineering and instruments, giving us access to a modern and integrated infrastructure within the region.

AIIM has set itself the task to provide multi dimensional services, and to develop and distribute innovative and creative designed instruments, implants and other medical devices.

AIIM GmbH located in Hufingen within easy reach of Tuttlingen. “AIIM” serve healthcare sector in Germany and worldwide through a multidimensional approach including high quality products, unique services, competitive prices in addition to developing innovative products.

In the classic segment of standard surgical instruments, the company AIIM offers a product portfolio of approximately 10,000 different instruments.

In the business area of OEM products (B2B), AIIM offers the addition service of manufacturing and series production of parts and components. By utilizing the latest technologies in efficient manufacturing and re-engineering processes, AIIM has set itself the goal to offer the customer more economical and efficient solutions for their parts and products.