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Ready surgical sets

Ready sets are the results of our long-term experiences. For every surgical procedure you may find a recommended set. Su... weiter >>

Special & New Products

Here you find a list of our new innovative products. For more information, please click on following links: LGCM-Proc... weiter >>


Please click directly on the description below to download the documents: AIIM [pdf] Instrument Management - Repair ... weiter >>


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Latest Company News

Nurses Instrument Set Major Basic Instrument Set Minor Basic Instrument Set Infant Laparotomy Set Emergency Surger... weiter >>

General Surgery Sets

Thoracotomy Set Esophagectomy & Esophagus Replacement Set Basic Cardiovascular Set Vascular Forceps Set Ventricula... weiter >>

Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery Sets

ENT Instrumnet Set ENT Examination Set Myringgotomy Set Aural Polypectomy Set Ear Foreign Body Removal Set Submuc... weiter >>

ENT Surgical Set

coming soon  back to Ready Surgical Sets >... weiter >>

Gyncology Surgery Sets

Basic Neuro Set Laminectomy set Craniotomy Instrument Set Trepanation Instrument Set Cervical Spine Set Lumber Sp... weiter >>

Spin & Neurosurgery Sets

Basic Orthopaedic Set Arthrotomy Meniscotomy Set Amputation set Plaster Instrumenst Set Pandage Instrumnets Set H... weiter >>

Orthopedic Instruments Sets

Basic Plastic Surgery Set Plastic Reconstruction Set Facial Fracture Set Mandible Ostectomy Set Skin Graft Set La... weiter >>

Plastic Surgery Sets

Major Rectal Instrumnets Set Gastroinstestinal Instrumnets Set Pilonidal Cysy excision Set Vagotomy Set Haemorrhoi... weiter >>

Rectal Surgical Sets

Epispadias Repair Set Suprapucic & Reteopubic Prostatectomy Set Hypospadie Set Kidney transplant set Puncture Sey ... weiter >>

Urology Surgery Sets

Laryngofissure Set Tongue Cyst Excision Set Tongue Biopsy Set Hemiglossectomy Set Salivary glands incision Set Sa... weiter >>

Microsurgical Surgery Sets

Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction Set (Cataract E.C.) Cataract Phacoemulsification Set Lacrimal Set Lid Suegery Se... weiter >>