We Bring Your Ideas To Practice


Through design, prototypes, manufacturing and certification. Samples of our projects include:

  • Development of two Xenon Light sources
  • Development of Laparoscopy trocars
  • Design and manufacturing of PEEK ALIF and TLIF cages
  • Design and Manufacturing of instruments for spinal implants
  • Project management for a complete scoliosis implant and instrument project
  • Project management for a complete Vertebral Compression Fracture projec
  • tLGCM-Process
  • Spine Distractor
  • New silicon handles, in replacement of the old harex handles.
  • Halb detachable laminectomy punch with Swing System
  • Caspar Rongeur
  • LAP instruments single use
  • Urology and hysteroscopy
  • Detachable laminectomy punch
  • Arthroscopy
  • Flex Bone Lever (Patent)
  • New Kerrison Punch (Patent angemeldet)
  • Caspar Distraktor mit Doppelgelenk aus 1.4021
  • Strahlendurchlässiger Caspar Distraktor aus Kohlefaser verstärktem PEEK